9 steps to front-loading style

Effortless style takes work, I’m sorry to say. But the good news is most of that work won’t be ongoing. It’s a lot like learning to rock climb, you’re a chattering mess for the first 8 months, then you get competent, then you spend the rest of your life on beautiful details like how much weight can hang on the first pad of your right index finger.

Mud and Grace Style will focus on 9 essential steps to front-loading your style, so you can get the business of getting dressed out of the way and enjoy the details. Each M & G post has a tag so you can find information on the step you’re looking for.

Articulate and honor the daily demands of your life

Understand and make peace with your body

Experiment with styles to find the best looks for your life and figure

Find your uniform

Clear absolutely everything out of your closet that does not make you feel fabulous. I mean everything.

Learn to shop

Learn to identify quality clothing and accessories

Decide how to pay for new clothes within a reasonable budget

Continue to edit wardrobe

Streamline hair and makeup routines, (or start them if you don’t have them yet)

Once we make it to this point, Mud and Grace will move on to Advanced Placement fashion. Style fully front-loaded we can examine to other fun topics, like…

Mix up your uniform

10-item trials

Special occasions

Travel wardrobes

Incorporating new trends, and rocking trends the industry tells us are over

Along the way we’ll discuss fashion landmines, re-think classic style choices, be inspired by the ensembles of other stylish women and discuss the psychology of looking good. I can’t wait for you to get started!

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