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If a woman wants to look good, the natural thing to do is pick up a book, right? My quest for effortless style began in the pages of every book, magazine or website I could find. I read extensively and watched a mind-numbing number of YouTube videos in attempt to feel comfortable in my wardrobe. You can find the most helpful books in Books We Love. Here is the collective wisdom of very style guru from Kate Spade to Coco Chanel distilled for you:

Figure out what looks good on your body

Come up with a signature style

Mix it up with something different every now and then

Less is more

Buy a white shirt

That’s it; the entire body of my research.

So… I’ll just do that then? Figure out what looks good on my body? Come up with a signature style? Right.

And there’s another problem to add to the inherent difficulties of distilling a style from the millions of possible looks available. Nearly all current style is geared towards women, who, please forgive me if I offend anyone, don’t seem to have much of a life.

Take this for example; Stylistas are constantly admonishing us to wear high heels. They say heels will lengthen the leg, raise the behind, make us look slim.

Wow! What a shoe.

So, my day starts by letting the chickens out, then I’ll ride my bike to school, teach all day, and wind up waiting for my son to finish football practice on a muddy field. In high heels?

And don’t even get me started on white pants.

I began to dig through research on style for busy women, working women, active women, women with children. Again, all of the advice seemed to be geared towards women who live in urban areas and definitely don’t have dogs that shed.

Is there nothing out there for a bicycle-commuting girl living on six muddy acres with a job, family and escape-artist goats?

OK, maybe that niche is a bit specific. How about style for the women with a little mud in her life?

There is research to be done helping women with busy and even messy lives find style that works for them.

Mud and Grace is the website I couldn’t find when looking for style advice. I’ll share my own fashion journey of trial and error as you work to front load your own style, and hopefully you will share your triumphs and mistakes as well. Together, our collective wisdom will make getting dressed a joy for women with real, wonder-filled lives.

Do you have a favorite ensemble that you’d be willing to share with other active women?

Do you have a Mud and Grace inspired outfit that works for you?

Please, send in a picture with a brief description and I’ll run it in inspiration. All ages and all types of beauty are encouraged.


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