We Are Photoshop Free on M&GS

“You’re going to photoshop out my funky ear spots, right?”

Recently a friend jokingly asked if I was using my “skinny lens” to take photos for this blog. I laughed, then went home and googled “skinny lens” to find out what she was talking about.

Apparently I can spend hundreds of dollars to buy a lens that will make everyone look 5 pounds thinner, which is all we ever wanted, right?

Mud and Grace Style is about looking good in this world. I want to post pictures of real, stylish women. If a person wanted to roll through thousands of pictures of perfectly photoshopped women, there are plenty of places on the internet willing to oblige you. Start with Facebook.

Here, all pictures will be uploaded as they are taken. I sort through the photos to choose the ones that best express the beauty of the woman in question, but I’m not taking out anyone’s freckles, blackberry scratches or sunburn lines. Including my own. Mud and Grace is a place for real women, with lives, to find good advice about getting dressed everyday.

I will, however, photoshop the mess out of my house. This summer two owls have been living above my front door. I love them. They leave their droppings and the occasional owl pellet on the front doorstep. I can clean this up all day long and the next time someone comes to the door, there will be more owl mess. My friends understand. You, however, get the digital clean up. Enjoy!

Cleaning is futile.

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