Special Pantsuit Edition: How to find a pantsuit in your closet

“I need a pantsuit!” several readers have written in distress. “Should I go out and buy one?”

If you’re planning on being the next president of the United States, yes. For the rest of us, we can shop our closets if we’re feeling a strong urge to don supportive garments this week.

I offer you three options: classic, collegiate and casual


You probably have something like: Black leggings, a black blazer, a silk tank. Pair them with neutral shoes and simple jewelry. Spend the entire day in a power stance.



For my teacher and professor friends, there’s no need to give up the corduroy just because you want to make a political statement. Pair your favorite cords with a vintage blazer and chambray shirt. Add shoes in which you would be able to run at least a mile, or possibly the country.



Nothing says “can do” like a denim power suit.

It’s your choice, rock the Canadian Tuxedo, or start considering relocating to Canada.


Mud and Grace readers, I wish you the best of weeks ahead. No matter what your politics, women matter in this, and every election. Go vote!

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