Moroccan Vacation

Maia is the epitome of travel style in this photo. Her outfit gives a nod to the place (Morocco), the riot of color feels festive, the oversized sunglasses look fantastic and cover up any jet lag, plus she’s snuggling a camel. Just looking at this picture makes me feel like I’m on vacation.

January Elegance

I love this ensemble! Ann looks sharp, but cozy in a knit sheath dress. Pairing heather with grey and black echos the January landscape around here. A simple gold necklace draws the eye up, without appearing overdone. Must figure out how to emulate the feel of this out of my own wardrobe…

Two styles, one great lesson


How adorable are mother/daughter Sylvia and Helen?! What I love about their ensembles here is that they show their very diverse styles while looking perfectly appropriate at the same event (A baby shower)

Sylvia favors retro glamour, but always with a modern feel. Her simple shoes and hand-made jewelry keep her 60’s inspired dress looking fresh.

Meanwhile, Helen’s fashion-forward textured shorts are grounded with a classic black tank and chambray shirt.

The lesson to take from these two ladies is to wear what you love, but keep it streamline with one stand-out piece backed up with well-made and classic accents.

A-line Style


My gorgeous neighbor dropped by for supper Friday evening in this no-fail ensemble. With simple skirt and fitted tank with an eyelet T skimming over it, she looked great. Plus she was up for the  1/3 mile walk from her place to mine, and ready for the action that generally occurs when our families get together for dinner (This time, the kids put together a parkuor course…)

A-line skirts don’t get enough play on this site because I have the only figure in the universe that isn’t enhanced by this genius style. The rest of you could probably live in them. Danielle wears these easy, elegant skirts everywhere, whether herding her sheep in at night or running her daughter to ballet. Look for one that isn’t prone to wrinkling, and has a little flow.

Rockin’ it!


I met Christine at a summer institute for teachers and was impressed with her fun, easy style. She had just finished a solo camping expedition where she wore a dress every day, which is just cool. The floral piece pictured here is nicely structured, but easy to move in. Plus it has pockets! These are her “summer boots.”  She alternates them with a pair of sandals for a two-pair-of-shoes summer. Gorgeous.

Sight-Seeing Style


In the middle of an Arizona heat wave, Lynette looks perfectly cool as she tours Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. As is so often the case with my beautiful friend, not only is her outfit perfect for the situation, but her detail are impeccable. The T9 skirt and top wick away heat, while looking put together. The go-everywhere sandals and cross-body bag make movement easy and keep Lynette focused on the architecture, rather than fussing with shoes and a bag. Finally her hoop earrings let us know that style isn’t all about practicality.

Early summer Color


School and the sun are out, but it’s cool enough in the morning to scare you off a sundress. I love Ann’s simple red shift with leggings. It’s fun and colorful, while easy enough to add a denim jacket for the morning, or lose the leggings as the temperature rises in the afternoon.

Can you wear a jumpsuit?


If you are as awesome as Bobbie, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Here’s how to make it work: Choose a soft and supple material you will feel great in all day. Layer with a long sweater to break up the monotony, and add some funky ankle boots. Completely mom-appropriate-cool, and Mud-and-Grace-easy.