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The Mud and Grace Manifesto

Rising above the noise and clatter of the fashion industry, magazines, blogs and catalogs, I set forth the following truths, and demands for the wardrobes of all women whose lives include both mud and grace.

A woman with mud in her life…

Has a life

Will have the daily thrill of knowing she looks great

Does not live in the fantasy world of catalogs and websites, but in this beautiful world of busy days, crockpot suppers, last minute meetings and the occasional rainstorm.

Feels good in her clothing. She does not tolerate chafing, pulling, sagging, pinching garments.

Can chase after a child, a frisking dog, and her dreams in her shoes. She will not be cobbled by ridiculous footwear.

Dresses appropriately for the situation.

Buys what she needs for her life without guilt, within a budget. She uses her money wisely and responsibly, with the understanding that feeling good in her clothing is not a frivolous investment, but must be done thoughtfully, and without amassing debt.

Accepts the particular beauty of her own body, and refuses to be cowed by a beauty industry that makes money off of women’s insecurities. If a piece of clothing doesn’t work for her, she knows it’s the designer’s fault, not her body’s.

Has a hair and beauty routine that is quick and enhances her own natural beauty.

Choose her outfit for the day quickly and decisively.

Does not wear anything that doesn’t make her feel fabulous.

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